We provide a range of cleaners from industrial to domestic solvents. Our range also includes specialty cleaning products for removal of graffiti and maintenance of your vehicle.


Vehicle Wash

A concentrated vehicle wash. Phosphate free and environmentally friendly. Can be used on domestic or industrial vehicles including heavy duty equipment.


Fleet Wash

A manual car washing detergent for light to medium road grime. Biodegradable and economical.


Protecta Wash & Wax

Is a blend of detergents and waxes formulated to clean your vehicle and leave a superior shine. Protecta Wash & Wax is bio-degradable and is free of phosphates and caustic that can damage paintwork. Protecta Wash N Wax contains no salt or caustic and is phosphate free.

Available in 20, 200, 1000 litre


Truck Wash 2000

Is a biodegradable, premium quality detergent that is effective in removing road grime, oil, soot, and other soiling from trucks and other vehicles. Because of its viscosity it is excellent for use through high pressure washer. Truckwash 2000 is non-caustic and will not affect painted or metal surfaces.

Available in 20, 200, 1000 litre