Newair Controls
Newair industrial cleaning supplies

Vehicle Washing

Acid Truck Wash

An acidic detergent for cleaning and brightening aluminium road tankers and removing concrete spatter from trucks and equipment.

Enviro Vehicle Wash

A concentrated vehicle wash. Phosphate free and environmentally friendly. Can be used on domestic or industrial vehicles including heavy duty equipment.

Fleet Wash

A manual car washing detergent for light to medium road grime. Biodegradable and economical.

Fleet Wash and Wax

Designed to wash and leave a residual wax finish on the duco. Enhances the appearance of the vehicle by leaving a lustre.


A versatile compound for cleaning and vehicle washing. Can be used on workshop floors, equipment and any type of vehicle.

Transit Wash

A high foaming bus detergent for use in a washing bay using automated brushes. Slightly lemon perfumed.

Truck Wash Superior

For trucks and heavy duty transport. Breaks done the heaviest grime including grease and oil. Slightly acidic which enables better penetration. Can be used with a broom or through a pressure washing unit.