We provide a range of cleaners from industrial to domestic solvents. Our range also includes specialty cleaning products for removal of graffiti and maintenance of your vehicle.


Graffiti Wipes

The safest and most environmentally friendly graffiti removal method you may ever use! Packaged in a convenient container holding 35 towelette wipes,
these graffiti wipes are especially designed to take off texta, permanent marker, ink, pencil and white out from any smooth surface. Simply wipe off graffiti on tiles, doors, windows, walls and desks!


Concrete, Stone
& Brick Graffiti

A very aggressive graffiti remover which is versatile in application and is designed to remove all forms of graffiti from unpainted concrete, stone and brick surfaces. Works effectively on dry and wet surfaces.


Sensi-Safe Surface
Graffiti Remover

Formulated to remove graffiti from sensitive areas that require greater care in application and removal without affecting the existing surface. Eg: painted areas, plastic, signs, school desks, vinyl and fabric seats.