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Industrial Cleaners

Acid Wash

An acidic cleaner which is formulated to be more viscous to allow product to cling to vertical surfaces for better penetration of surface. Removes excess mortar and rust discolouring from bricks, tiles, marbles, terrazzo and concrete floors and walls.

Alu Wash

An acid based cleaner for the cleaning of aluminium and removal of oxidisation. Ideal for cleaning air conditioning condensers.

All Purpose

A non-flammable, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable all purpose cleaner which can be used for cleaning around the workshop or factory equipment. *Spray on*Agitate*Wipe off*. Can be diluted up 1:150 with water.


An all-purpose cleaner and degreaser designed for the removal of stubborn deposits of oil, grease and dirt from all hard surfaces. V5 is excellent for degreasing automobile engines and the cleaning of vehicle exteriors. V5 is safe to use on rubber, plastics and painted surfaces. Will not harm seals or trim.

Big Orange

D Limonene based degreaser with a dielectric strength of 63kv (average) making this product completely safe for the cleaning of electrical equipment. Very effective on bitumen for dissolving excess and residue from equipment and plant equipment.

Big Orange 103

Similar to Big Orange with a dielectric strength of 43kv(average). More cost effective than Big Orange. Can be used for removing chewing gum, bitumen, from all surfaces as well as degreasing and deodorising grease traps and rubbish areas.

Coil Mate

Detergent based cleaner for the cleaning of air conditioning cooling coils and other types of coils.

Excel Floor Scrubbing Powder

A kerosene laced floor scrubbing powder for cleaning factory and workshop floors. Effectively breaks down grease and oil from concrete floors.


Masonry Wash

Acid based cleaner for cleaning concrete and tiled surfaces. Very aggressive which removes the most stubborn of stains for surfaces. Dilutes with water for economy. Very strong product.

Multi Solve

A complex blends of solvents which is effective at removing inks, paints, greases, oils and can control insects and growth fungi. Used as a grease control in sewerage plants, for removing printing inks from badly stained blankets and will also remove unwanted graffiti from most surfaces.

Power Mate

A potassium hydroxide based heavy duty cleaner for use on equipment and floors, through pressure washers and floor scrubbing machinery. Type A cleaner.

Power Wash

A biodegradable, non-flammable solvent cleaner-degreaser. Power Wash dilutes with water, removes grease, oil, wax and carbon from most surfaces. A great cleaner-degreaser but also safe to handle and use. Easily removes 'bugs' from the front of cars/trucks. Type A cleaner.

Super Tech

A unique blend of chemicals designed to clean painted surfaces and equipment without the need for agitation. Cam be used as a regular surface wash. Leaves a good clean finish.

Scrubber Powder

Chlorinated heavy duty alkaline detergent sanitizer. Designed to clean and sanitise heavily soiled food production areas, processing plants and equipment. Specially formulated for meat, fish and dairy factories.

Smokehouse Cleaner

Dissolves all carbon, grease, sugars, fats and tar build ups in smokehouses and vents.

Super Blue

Toilet additive to be used in portable, mobile toilet units for the treatment of human waste and odour control. It has a pleasant fragrance which lasts a very long time.

Tile Mate

For cleaning of all porcelain, fibreglass and tile surfaces. Contains a blend of aggressive cleaning agents that effectively remove soap scum, rust, body fats and other foreign matter from all hard surfaces.

Triple Clean

Phosphoric acid cleaner which cleans, disinfects and deodorises. Kills unwanted bacteria and brightens stainless steel and removes uric acid build up.


A colloidal cleaner and degreaser. Designed specifically for range hoods. The versatile nature of this product enables it's safe use as a hard surface cleaner.