Workshop Supplies

We provide a range of maintenance products.

Maintenance Products



Molytec’s air drying film is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air-drying bonding resin. This fast drying lubricant withstands high loads, provides corrosion protection and with its easy application, ADF is well qualified to coat surfaces where oils and grease cannot be used.


Cool Cut Lubricant

COOL CUT LUBRICANT combines both lubricating and cooling of machine parts during all operations. COOL CUT LUBRICANT results in cooler, cleaner cuts, promotes longer tool life and excellent surface finish.


Concrete Sealer

Designed to seal all concrete floors and give a clear glossy finish. Concrete Sealer protects concrete floor from damage by providing a protective layer of sealer which is resistant to grease, oil, acids and caustics.


G-15 Rust

Standard Applications:

• Hidden surfaces, internal workings
• Long term storage and layup of mechanical equipment
• Misting within vessels and tanks
• Targetted corrosion prevention


Gloss Over

A silicone based lubricant for treating conveyer belts, squeaky doors, sliding windows, packing equipment etc. Known as a dry lubricant “Gloss Over” leaves a dry but lubricated surface enabling work to continue without any down time.


Linga Longa

Super strong, magnified fragrance disinfectant deodorant cleaner. Comes in 6 different fragrances to satisfy ones personal preference. Under right conditions the residual fragrance from application can last up to 1 week. Dilutes with water and can be used as a spray air freshener.


Mechanic in a Can

A multi function penetrate in an aerosol that lubricates, de-moisturises and protects. Frees frozen on rusted parts quickly. Stops squeaking and squealing. Eliminates wet ignition problems and moisture caused short circuits, leaves a protective rust inhibiting coating on metal surfaces.


Micro Shield

An antistatic aerosol cleaner which cleans, polishes, protects and enhances. Micro Shield forms a microscopic film to any non porous surface, rejuvenates and enhancing the surface reducing the effects of scratches, finger prints, smudges, mist and steam. Has a particular benefit to the photocopying industry, for internal and external parts of machinery, the timber/earth-moving industry for preventing the adhesion of dust to glass, lexsan & margard .


Pleasant Plus

A blend of essential oils and perfumes derived from plant material and formulated to immediately eliminate unacceptable odours by converting them to more acceptable compounds.



Liquid hydrocarbon based penetrating, lubricating and moisture displacing agent. Penetrates rust bonded parts, lubricates squeaking parts and displaces moisture from plugs, coils, wires etc.


Super Blue

Toilet additive to be used in portable, mobile toilet units for the treatment of human waste and odour control. It has a very long lasting fragrance.


Spatter Free

A pre-welding spray to prevent spatter adhesion.