Absorbents can be used to clean up chemical and oil spills.


SpillZorbe Zeolite
Floor Sweep

Spillzorbe is a clean, fast acting, environmentally safe absorbent, which has passed each state’s individual landfill regulations. Even when the Spillzorbe has absorbed the liquid it is still classed as non-dangerous/hazardous due to the quality of the non-leaching properties of the mineral. It has also passed Worksafe Australia and Dangerous Goods standards. Up to 50kg can be disposed of in domestic waste. Over 50kg must be disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal landfill regulations.

Other absorbents on the market will claim that they are re-useable. This is because the absorbents will continue to absorb liquids if they are not fully saturated. There is a major safety issue particularly where caustic and flammable products are present. Spillzorbe in it’s raw state will not sustain a flame (Unless fuel vapour is present).


• Absorbs liquids, gases and odours
• High cation exchange capacity
• Natural bonding action of Zeolite makes it far more active in the absorption and adsorption process
• All natural heat sterilised mineral – contains no chemicals
• Particle size gradation designed to maximise surface area
• Absorption efficacy
• Maintains strength integrity when fully absorbed
• Reduces slippage and makes clean-up easy. Strong wicking action to pull spills from the surface


Bio-Active 10Kg

(Remedial Bacteria added)

Spill Sponge is now inoculated with micro-organisms approved by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) under permit to import quarantine material. Spill Sponge Bio-Organic Floor Sweep is our premium absorbent product combining the best features of our other absorbents. Made from a combinations of cellulose fibres like cotton, ground nut, stock feeds and fibrous flour, this absorbent has a very fast wicking action, meaning it absorbs oil and fuels spills rapidly leaving little residue behind.


25 Pkt Absorbent
Fits 205 Ltr Drum
(Pre-cut openings)

Our absorbent drum pad toppers keep drums and barrels clean and protect surrounding areas.