Insecticides & Horticulture

We provide a range of insecticides & hortilculture products.

Insecticides & Horticulture


Algae Control
(NRA approval)

For controlling algae and mildew in areas such as golf courses, concrete surfaces, pathways, roofs and air conditioning systems.


Halt (Water Based)

Water based residual insecticide for the control of creeping insects etc. up to 3 months residual control. Highly perfumed for pleasant application and residual odour.


Halt (Solvent Based)

Solvent based residual insecticide. Ideal for outside application. Up to three months residual control.


Pro-Active Natural
Insect Control

Insect Solutions with natural pyrethrin is simply hte most effective control system available; totally safe, biodegradable, leaving no residual pesticides to build up on equipment, ingredients or food.

Commercial clients will receive all the necessary documentation to include the Insect Solutions system as part of their Food Safety report and Food Safety program.


Wets All

A liquid wetting agent for conditioning and softening soil to allow better water penetration. Can be used in conjunction with liquid fertiliser to enable better penetration of soil.