We provide a range of cleaners from industrial to domestic solvents. Our range also includes specialty cleaning products for removal of graffiti and maintenance of your vehicle.


All Wash

An all over body, hand and hair wash liquid for use in bulk dispensers of 5lt cage baskets in factory or workshop shower cubicles and above hand basins. High lathering and free rinsing leaving the body, hands and hair clean, fresh and soft. pad, absorb up to 1/2 litre petroleum-derived fluids oils and floats on water.


Medi Hands

An alcohol based skin disinfectant for killing germs on skin. Recommended for anyone who needs to have hands free from contamination i.e. vets, council rangers, plumbers, those handling food, health workers and child/adult carers. Evaporates within 30 seconds leaving skin clean and dry.


Hands Clean-
AQIS app.

A pleasantly perfumed liquid soap which is available in blue and pink. Soft and safe on hands and can be used through a liquid bulk dispenser, 5lt cage basket, or directly from a drum pump. Ideal for bathrooms as opposed to the factory floor.


Hands Clean

A perfumed liquid soap for sensitive skin. ideal for light duty hand washing. Skin softeners and conditioners protect skin from drying and chapping. This product can be used in a dispenser in bathrooms and in workshops.


True Grit

A heavy duty industrial hand cleaner containing poly beads to penetrate heavy soiling of workshop hands. lemon perfumed and lanolin fortified to leave hands clean and conditioned. Ideal for industrial wall dispenser units.