Absorbents can be used to clean up chemical and oil spills.


4 Pkt. Oil Select
Poly Absorbent
White Booms
200-mm Dia x 3m

Our premium select floating absorbent mesh boom. The Spill Control Systems Oil Booms are made of hydrophobic polypropylene. Nylon rope and static resistant clips adds strength for deployment and easy retrieval. Overlapping clips for deployment in any length. Attracts petroleum based fluids and repels water and won’t sink even when saturated with oil. Constructed with a strong mesh outer skin for (anti-shed) and (non-lint) Ideal for use on loading docks, settling ponds, wastewater troughs and out-falls to absorb oily spills.

Also available in 125-ml size in 3m and 6m lengths.


6 Pkt. Oil Select
Poly Grey GP
Absorbent Booms
100-mm Dia x 3mL

Absorbs petroleum-based liquids; water; solvents; insecticides at a high absorption rate, making them ideal for all those general purpose, day to day maintenance jobs.


4 Pkt. Poly Hazchem
Absorbent Booms
125-mm Dia x 3mL

Yellow HazMat Booms for Acids, Bases (Aggressive) and unknown liquids. Contain and absorb large volume spills! Our hazardous chemical absorbent booms are perfect for industrial spill containment. These booms are constructed with a strong polypropylene outer sleeve encasing a highly sorbent polypropylene fibre. Designed to contain and absorb hazardous chemicals like acids and caustics.