Newair Controls
Newair industrial cleaning supplies

Vehicle Maintenance

Alu Gleam

Designed to clean all road grime, brake dust and fallout from polished aluminium surfaces. Leaves a clear shine without whitening.

Alu Wash

Concentrated for difficult aluminium jobs that require extra strength. Handle with care.

Cold Gal (aerosol)

An organic zinc coating with over 93% in dry film. Provides long term protection to steel against corrosion.

Glass & Stainless Cleaner

A solvent based cleaner for vehicle windows, mirrors and chrome. Leaves a sparkling finish free from smudge and smear. ideal for windscreen cleaning reservoirs.

Gloss Over

A silicone and solvent based product for rejuvenating rubber tyres, leather and vinyl trim. Can be sprayed and left to dry or rubbed in with a clean cloth. leaves vehicle trimmings looking like new.

Mechanic in a Can (aerosol)

A multi function penetrate that lubricates, de-moisturises and protects. Frees rusted or frozen parts quickly. Stops squeaking and squealing. Eliminates wet ignition problems and moisture caused short circuits. leaves a protective rust inhibitor on metal surfaces.

Micro Shield (aerosol)

An anti-static cleaner that cleans, polishes, protects and enhances. Micro Shield forms a microscopic film on any non-porous surface, rejuvenates and enhancing surfaces. Reduces the effects of scratches on paint, smudges, mist and steam. Has a particular benefit to photocopiers for internal and external use. Assists in keeping dust off windshields windows and doors of machinery working in dusty conditions. Also excellent to reduce 'bugs' from sticking to windscreens. Will not damage perspex. Applications include: Forestry, Transport, Aircraft, Timber - all aspects.

Molly Slip

High temperature heavy duty lithium grease containing extreme pressure additives with molybdenum disulphide. Has anti seize and residual dry film characteristics. Suitable for ball joints, semitrailer curtain slides, backhoe slides and grader circles.

Truck Slip

A complex blend of synergistic detergents and coating agents which adheres to all hard surfaces. Resist extreme heat, pressure and solvents.

Quick Strip

Top of the range paint stripper. Quick acting and will remove up to three layers of paint in one application. Ideal for all paint stripping applications.


Liquid hydrocarbon based for penetrating, lubricating and water displacement. Penetrates rust bonded parts, lubricates squeaks and eliminates moisture from plugs, coils and wires.

Shine All

A protective coating that resists water spotting, smudges, finger marks and scratches. Improves the appearance of many surfaces. Ideal for vehicle detailing.