We provide a range of cleaners from industrial to domestic solvents. Our range also includes specialty cleaning products for removal of graffiti and maintenance of your vehicle.



Molytec’s air drying film is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air-drying bonding resin. This fast drying lubricant withstands high loads, provides corrosion protection and with its easy application, ADF is well qualified to coat surfaces where oils and grease cannot be used.


Gloss Over

A silicone and solvent based product for rejuvenating rubber tyres, leather and vinyl trim. Can be sprayed and left to dry or rubbed in with a clean cloth. leaves vehicle trimmings looking like new.


Mechanic in a Can

A multi function penetrate that lubricates, de-moisturises and protects. Frees rusted or frozen parts quickly. Stops squeaking and squealing. Eliminates wet ignition problems and moisture caused short circuits. leaves a protective rust inhibitor on metal surfaces.


Micro Shield

An anti-static cleaner that cleans, polishes, protects and enhances. Micro Shield forms a microscopic film on any non-porous surface, rejuvenates and enhancing surfaces. Reduces the effects of scratches on paint, smudges, mist and steam. Has a particular benefit to photocopiers for internal and external use. Assists in keeping dust off windshields windows and doors of machinery working in dusty conditions. Also excellent to reduce ‘bugs’ from sticking to windscreens. Will not damage perspex. Applications include: Forestry, Transport, Aircraft, Timber – all aspects.



Liquid hydrocarbon based for penetrating, lubricating and water displacement. Penetrates rust bonded parts, lubricates squeaks and eliminates moisture from plugs, coils and wires.


Shine All

A protective coating that resists water spotting, smudges, finger marks and scratches. Improves the appearance of many surfaces. Ideal for vehicle detailing.