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Absorbent Pillows & Bilge Rats

Poly White Oil Only Absorbent Pillow

Our Oil Select White Floating Absorbent Pillows are made of hydrophobic polypropylene. They have a brase gromlete in one corner for deployment and easy retrieval.  Attracts petroleum–based fluids and repels water and won't sink even when saturated with oil. Constructed with a strong outer polyproplyene skin for (anti-shed) and (non-lint). Ideal for use on loading docks, settling ponds, wastewater troughs and outfalls to absorb oily spills. They work hand in hand with our absorbent floating booms.


General Purpose Grey Absorbent Pillow

Our General Purpose Grey Absorbent Pillows are perfect for hard surface spill containment.  These GP booms are constructed with a strong grey geo-tectile outer skin encasing, highly sorbent polypropylene filler.  Will absorb all types of chemicals, including, oil and petroleum liquids; solvents; pesticides; coolants and all water based fluids including, mild acids and bases. Available in 12.5cm and 20cm diameters with lengths of 3 & 6mtr Lengths.

 Absorbent Pillow

Poly Yellow Hazchem Absorbent Pillow

Our Hazchem Yellow Absorbent Pillows are ideal for Acids, Bases (Aggressive) and unknown liquids. Contain and absorb large volume spills!
Our hazardous chemical absorbent pillows are perfect for industrial spill containment. These pillows are constructed with a strong polyproplene outer sleve encasing a highly sorbent polypropylene fibre. Designed to contain and absorb hazardous chemicals like acids and caustics.

Absorbent Pillow

Poly 13-cm Dia x 40-cm L Oil Absorbent Bilge Rat

A Bilge Rat may be used either in a boat bilge, sump/tank or storm-water drain, to remove oil not water.

Bilge Rat