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Industrial Degreasers

All Purpose

A non-flammable, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable all purpose cleaner which can be used for cleaning around the workshop or factory equipment.

Big Orange

D Limonene based degreaser with a dielectric strength of 63kv (average) making this product completely safe for the cleaning of electrical equipment. Very effective on bitumen for dissolving excess and residue from equipment and plant equipment.

Big Orange 103

Similar to Big Orange with a dielectric strength of 43kv(average). More cost effective than Big Orange. Can be used for removing chewing gum, bitumen, from all surfaces as well as degreasing and deodorising grease traps and rubbish areas.

A C Bite Degreaser

An extremely effect product for degreasing heavy duty equipment. AC Bite will remove most stubborn soiling from many applications. Areas where AC Bite excels are cleaning of machinery (stationary & mobile), removing soiling that ordinary degreasers can't, removing grass stain from grass cutting equipment, cleaning truck chassis rails & removing 'grime" from equipment prior to repainting. There are many more uses not mentioned.


Is a hydrocarbon based degreaser that can be diluted with any solvent. A superb product for removing grease and oil build-up on equipment and workshop floors. Contains no caustics, acids or creosote materials, making it a safe product to use.

Breakdown 103

Same application as Breakdown. Very cost effective.

Cold Tank Degreaser

Top of the range cold dip solvent for removing grease, carbon or paint from equipment or tools. The combination of complex solvents returns parts to new condition. Safe on iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper. No heat or agitation required. Parts are soaked until clean and rinsed with water if required.

Clean Break

Very effective citrus based degreaser for the removal of bitumen, tar, oil, grease and any other heavy build up of soiling on floors, walls and equipment.


A solvent based degreaser for use in parts washing equipment. The degreasing nature of the product in conjunction with a brush allows better penetration into small areas of parts to be cleaned. Special non-flammable formula.

Power Wash

A biodegradable, non-flammable, water based solvent cleaner-degreaser. Power Wash dilutes with water, removes grease, oil, wax and carbon from most surfaces. A great cleaner-degreaser but also safe to handle and use. Type A cleaner.

Speedy Degreaser

A quick drying degreaser which cleans without leaving a residue. Ideal for cleaning electrical components. Will remove grease oil, lint dust and carbon from all electrical boards, wiring, casings and other precision equipment. The quick drying nature of this product ensures cleaned components are ready to use.


A colloidal cleaner and degreaser. Designed specifically for range hoods. The versatile nature of this product enables it's safe use as a hard surface cleaner.